Integrate Security into Your DevOps Pipeline

Accelerate your software delivery while ensuring robust security with our DevSecOps consulting services. We help you build, test, and deploy code more efficiently and securely.

What We Offer

Security Audits

Conduct static and dynamic code analysis using tools like SonarQube, Fortify, and Checkmarx.

Automated Testing

Implement automated security testing in CI/CD pipelines using tools like OWASP ZAP and Burp Suite.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Utilize tools like Checkov or Terrascan to scan IaC templates for security vulnerabilities.

Innovative Solutions

Aiveda provides AI-driven solutions that deliver predictive analytics and seamless cloud migration, empowering businesses with valuable insights and scalable computing resources.

  • Compliance as Code
  • Secrets Management
  • Runtime Security

Automate compliance checks using Open Policy Agent (OPA) or Chef InSpec.

Implement secure secrets management using HashiCorp Vault or AWS Secrets Manager.

Monitor running applications for security anomalies using Falco or Sysdig Secure.

Why Choose Us for DevSecOps Consulting?

Expertise in Tools

Mastery over a range of DevSecOps tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI, and Kubernetes.

Custom Security Policies

Develop custom security policies tailored to your application and infrastructure needs.

Continuous Monitoring

Implement continuous security monitoring using ELK Stack or Grafana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about container security?

We implement container scanning and runtime security using tools like Trivy and Aqua Trivy.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer DevSecOps training and workshops for your development and operations teams.

How do you integrate security into existing pipelines?

We use plug-and-play security modules that can be integrated into your existing CI/CD pipelines.

Ready to Secure Your DevOps?

Engage with our DevSecOps experts to integrate security into your DevOps practices.

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