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Aiveda provides AI-driven solutions that deliver predictive analytics and seamless cloud integration, empowering businesses with valuable insights and scalable computing resources.

AI Driven Solutions

Predictive analytics solutions helping businesses forecast

Cloud Enablement

Automated cost effective cloud implemetation

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Quick and
easy to get started

Accelerate your business growth effortlessly with Aiveda's user-friendly solutions, designed to get you started quickly and achieve tangible results with ease

Data Engineering

Automated optimised data piplines


Scalable Full-Stack solutions

Open Source Solutions

Cost effective enterprise grade solutions

How we work

We work collaboratively with our Partners, leveraging our expertise in cloud and data to deliver tailored solutions that drive growth and innovation

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We gain a deep understanding of the business problem, data available and desired outcomes


Our Consultants work on creating world class solutions that are robust and scalable


We automate platform deployment in a secure manner ensuring cost effectiveness and scalability

Our Team

Our team comprises experts in AI, data, and digital solutions. With a focus on innovation, we provide advanced services in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and digital technology. From developing AI models to delivering data-driven insights, we strive to deliver exceptional solutions that drive success in the digital era.

Laher Ajmani


Mitali Yadav

Business Development Manager

Varun Ajmani


Franklin Bailey

Engineering Head

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